About HE:LP

What does ‘Heuristic’ mean?

Play together

Heuristic, as an adjective, basically describes a philosophy of learning by doing.

You can see here that two of the boys are really engaged in what they are doing and paying really good attention to what’s in the bowl of water…they are learning by doing or learning in a heuristic way.




What sort of Education does HE:LP provide?

Parent child play therapy

Tammy has experience teaching and supporting children, young people and adults from preschool to university.

Academically, Tammy is able to teach all core subjects up to year 10 and specialises in Mathematics and Physics in senior secondary. Study skills, essay writing, resumes and job applications are also areas where Tammy is able to provide support.

Education can also include other areas of development, practical life skills and therapy support.


How is Learning different to Education?

Involve me

In theory education leads to learning and this is certainly what we assume when we enrol our children into school or other activities that we consider educational.

Sadly, the truth is that sometimes education leads to learning and sometimes it doesn’t…and sometimes education even leads to learning that we DON’T want!



The beauty of heuristic education is that it changes to suit the student to ensure that learning happens!

Why would I need help with Practise?

Practice makes perfect

We all know that we need to practise skills to develop them and become better at what we do. Some people need to practise a lot more than others…and there’s only so many times you can read the same book or show the same flashcards before everyone loses patience!

At HE:LP I specialise in being able to provide hundreds of new and interesting ways to practise the same skill so that practise doesn’t mean boring!