The Sensory Gym

The HE:LP Sensory Gym is used for therapy support and also allows students to incorporate movement into their learning. This is an essential element for many children who have difficulty concentrating while they are sitting still. Children are able to read books while swinging; sound out words, syllables and sentences while jumping and check their number and letter recognition while throwing a bean bag.

As you can see, having access to the Sensory Gym allows for lots of fun and strength building while learning. It may seem unusual to talk about ‘fun’ in relation to learning but research consistently shows that people learn and retain more when they are enjoying themselves. Add to this the masses of research that tell us how many people need to being doing physical things in order to learn and I’m sure you’ll agree that having access to this fantastic facility is a great asset.

Having the sensory gym available means that I can also support what students are doing with their Occupational Therapists and Physios. The equipment available is always growing but these pictures will give you a bit of an idea of the different resources and activities that are available.

If you’re interested in learning more about the research behind multi-sensory learning or have any questions about how it differs from traditional styles of learning, take a look at our Resources and FAQ.