Hand In Hand Home Education Workshop

Hand in Hand“My boys love attending Hand In Hand! With a new theme and activities every week, there’s always fun to be had, all while learning and developing social skills. I really love the relaxed approach where they can choose to participate in a given activity, or do their own thing. I feel very comfortable leaving them in Tammy’s capable hands, knowing they will be well cared for and supported, while I get a little child free time.” – Hannah, Mum.

The objective of the Home Education Workshop is to provide an opportunity for home educated clients to share in a range of group learning opportunities. Each workshop has a theme, chosen by one of the participants, woven into a range of learning experiences.

While Hand in Hand is primarily designed to provide social and emotional learning opportunities, each week also covers a range of curriculum areas such as:

  • The Arts – Dance, Drama, Music, Visual and Media Arts
  • Technologies – Design and Technology, Digital Technologies
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Humanities and Social Sciences

Numeracy and Literacy are not taught explicitly but development and support of these areas is integrated throughout the program. Despite the many opportunities for learning, nothing at Hand in Hand is required work and all participants are free to join in or not, as they see fit (within reasonable safety guidelines).

Hand in Hand maintains an inclusive and relaxed atmosphere with an emphasis on providing opportunities for learning social skills. Parents are welcome to stay and support their child or to take some time out for themselves.

If you have NDIS Funding, which you self manage, you may be able to claim services. Please speak to Tammy for details about this.